All along the school year, my son had sophrology session once a week. This moment of calm and mindfulness was really helpful to develop his self-confidence and his concentration.
With the lockdown, no more school, and a stressful situation, I came across Alexandra Bouée and we started skype sessions. This moment was a real moment of serenity and letting go for my son. Alexandra is really caring and my son was waiting for his sessions with eagerness. After he could train with some easy exercices, especially before going to bed!
Solenne, mum of a 7 years old boy
The start of the school year in Terminale has been a difficult moment for me: lots of stress, no idea of what I wanted to study at university, and I started having insomnias. The school nurse suggested I apply for the sophrology session offered by the school and guided by Mrs Bouée, once a week at lunch time. 
I discovered a simple technique but yet very powerful that helped me to calme down, to breathe slowly and I also learned some exercices to let go and to help me find my sleep.
For personal issues, I did one to one sessions with Alexandra to work on tailored exercises and more especially to develop self confidence. After a few months, I was feeling much more relaxed and confident, and I got back a good quality of sleep. I would definitely recommend sophrolgy ! 
Pierre, 17 years old

"I met Alexandra during a group session of sophrology in Zurich, where she introduced us to this method. I thus discovered the benefits of sophrology.

Faced with health problems (migraines, tinnitus and stress), I decided to continue sessions in private, seduced by Alexandra's caring approach.

I deepened with her the techniques of breathing and visualization which soothed me a lot. It helps me dealing with pain management for example or in reducing my stress. These sessions allowed me to breathe and take a moment just for myself. It was very precious and I remember true moments of serenity during certain sessions. I still use some tools today when I need.

I especially liked Alexandra's very personalized approach, adapting to the situation or my current state of health, and offering very practical follow-up at the end of the session.

Hélène, 40 years old