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​Sophrology can be practiced from a very early age and is therefore perfect:

- for children (from 5/6 years old), to teach them to calm down, live better and manage their emotions, but also to help them in their learning and develop their concentration. 

- for teenagers, to facilitate stress management related to their growth, competition at school, exam preparation, sleep problems, phobias or anxieties, relationship management

with family or friends ... 

- for adults, to tackle the ills of the present life: stress, insomnia, phobias, weight problem, preparation for an event, personal and professional development, approach

and prepare for a life change,

or in association with a medical treatment ...

Repetition and training with sophrology 

will lead to develop the conscience.

Regular practice enables you to mobilize

your capacities, resources and potential.

All exercises can fit in everyday life:

they are performed in simple postures,

sitting, standing or lying down.

You will gradually acquire autonomy

over the course of training.

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